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Los Angeles, California, United States
What is PoppaChango? It's a long story that requires some explanation. The "Poppa" in PoppaChango is for my role as a new dad. A role that I very much embrace! "Chango" means monkey in Spanish, which is how my father affectionately referred(s) to me and which in turn how I now refer to my own son. It's a playful, loving term of endearment in my family that has yielded very fond memories in my life. PoppaChango combined also happens to be the name of professional wrestler (Papa Shango). As an avid wrestling fan, the combined name is a fitting tribute to a form of entertainment that also shaped my childhood. In fact, my very first memory as a 4-year old is helping my father wash his car and when we were done, we sat down in the couch, turned on the TV and watched an episode wrestling. Now, PoppaChango seeks to build on the wonderful parent/child relationship and create products with empowering messages for kids.
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