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Queer Ghost Hunters
Official stuff from the web series Queer Ghost Hunters
Columbus, OH
Queer Ghost Hunters is a docu series about real people making contact with LGBT ghosts. They unearth the hidden stories of lost LGBTQ lives. Our store is one of the ways we make the funds to keep going. You can also receive rebates from purchases at this store by making a monthly pledge: You can watch the series right now: We are chatty on facebook: We tweet our latest findings at @queerghosthunt ----- The coverage of us has been pretty damn hilarious: ----- This series is a production of Stu Maddux films: It's other productions are also about LGBT history and aging: Reel In The Closet a documenary about LGBT home movies dating back to the 1930s Gen Silent: a documentary about LGBT older people going back into the closet because they fear the people taking care of them.
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