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Nature is my Palette
Cape Coral, Florida, United States
Almost all the cards in my store have been redesigned, or had font corrections. If you can't find a card that you purchased before, it will still be in the same category, but will have a new product number. Thanks for your patience. Art has been part of my life since I was about 5. I used to like to draw people and design clothing. I have used some of my old drawings for a number of my greeting cards as well as some of my products on Zazzle. As I got older, people close to me wanted me to be able to make a living, so If was drawn away from the Art world during the working period of my life. After I married my husband, he managed to get me into photography, which I enjoyed then and now. I did do some professional photography and also studied it with the New York Institute of Photography. My husband and I made the decision to have me retire early so I could get back into my art and photography. Since that time, I have learned how to use photo and painting software and the use of a digital camera. Now, hopefully, I am on my way as I am doing what I really always wanted to do in life. Please enjoy my work, as you know you can change most of the wording on the cards and the products. If you have a special request, I will try my best to accommodate you. Thanks so much for purchasing my art. Please recommend my shops to other people. Word of mouth is the best.
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