How to Build Referral Links

Zazzle's Associates Programme allows anyone with a Zazzle account to make money by promoting products and even individual pages found on the Zazzle site.

Build referral links to product pages, search pages, store categories and even this page using your unique Associate ID.

Your Associate ID can be found in the Associates tab of the MY ACCOUNT section. You will need this unique identifier when using some of the promotional tools below.

Associate ID

In order to earn referrals, you must include your associate ID in an rf= parameter when linking to Zazzle.

Using the Associate ID 238000000000000000 as an example, here are a few ways to use your rf code to build referral links:

Link to Your Store
Link to a Specific Product
Link to Funny T-shirts Page
Link to Business Cards Page
Link to Disney Store

International Referrals

To earn referrals for Zazzle International sites, replace the "" portion of the URL with the Zazzle international domain to which you wish to link.

Here are some examples of ways to create international links using your Associate ID:

Link to Your Store on Zazzle UK
Link to a Specific Product on Zazzle Brazil
Link to the Funny T-shirts Page on Zazzle AU

You can find all of the Zazzle International sites on the Zazzle International Page.

Please note that when you link to a particular Zazzle domain, you will only earn a referral when the purchase is completed on that domain.

Simple Links

For the beginner, if you just want to get started, check out these link building tools:

Store Link
Product Link
Associate Banners
Zazzle Homepage Link