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Shih Tzu Photo Frame Photo Sculpture Magnet


£17.90 per photosculpture

1 photosculpture.
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Designed for youby Menagerie Mayhem
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About this product
Style: Magnet
Your refrigerator or office photos will sparkle with these unique magnetic photo sculptures. Made from attractive and durable acrylic, they really bring life to your loved one’s photo. Stick them anywhere. Final size is approximate and depends on cut-out size of image.
About this design
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Shih Tzu Photo Frame Photo Sculpture Magnet
Buy our cute Shih Tzu magnetic photo frame! A drawing of the toy dog breed, with a gold and white coat, is on the right side with a bright blue background and paw prints. Adorable dog animation made especially for Shih Tzu owners! Original dog art Copyright © Menagerie Mayhem. The top reads, "I Love my Dog!" Instantly customise this product with your own photo! Space for photo is approximately 6" x 4.3". You must upload a photo using the tools to the right, or your product will print with the "your image here" design. Make sure it does not exceed the size of the frame.
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