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SmARTfully: Sara's Artful Greeting Cards
Beautiful cards, blank or with mindful words for mental pain
Palm Beach, Florida
Sara's Artful Greeting Cards are represented by three major Collections: Sara's Blank Cards for those who wish to pen their own expressions; Sara's Mental Health Cards for those who wish to send a greeting to someone who they know is in mental pain; and, Sara's Gratitude Cards, for those in mental pain who wish to thank a thoughtful person for their care and concern. For visitors to my website who wish to know the story which inspired the evolution of Sara's Mental Health Greeting Cards, please read my story below: Sara's Mental Health Greeting Cards evolved when I realized a need exists for greeting cards that relate specifically to people like me who live with Depression and Anxiety. Approximately 20% of all Americans suffer from some form of these mental conditions and yet there isn’t a single national Greeting Card Company that offers cards which a caring person might send to this one fifth of our population. I was educated as a nurse, I am an artist, a published writer, and since I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, I decided to do something about that; I founded "Sara's Mental Health Greeting Cards." Most of the cards feature my paintings on the front and the themes of each one reflect my lived experience with mental pain. When you send one of my cards to anyone suffering from mental pain, you will know that these themes and language reflect my personal research intended to provide comfort, hope, and inspiration to those you love and for whom you care. Additionally, I created a Collection for sufferers to send to those who they wish to recognize and thank for their empathy and help. Just as loved ones aren't certain of the right words to use when reaching out to a sufferer the same is true in reverse. This Collection is "Sara's Gratitude Cards."
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