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Tucson, AZ
We are committed to reducing the number of homeless, relinquished, abandoned and needlessly destroyed dogs both in Tucson and the rest of the country. This commitment has been directly dependent upon the great generosity of a system of foster homes as well as veterinary clinics, shelter workers, other rescues and volunteers who all work together with SDR to create a network that enables as many adoptable dogs on death row to be saved as possible. We strive to save as many adoptable dogs as possible - and statistically that means the majority of dogs in danger are pit bulls. The plight of the pit bull dog in America is currently a controversial one - because of negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media, which then affects the reputation of the breed as a whole. Many factors complicate matters for responsible owners and bully dog advocates. In order to help combat the negative stereotypes, SDR strongly advocates spaying or neutering, and will not adopt out a dog that has not been altered. We are convinced that overall responsible bully dog ownership is the key to changing perceptions of these dogs from the snarling and vicious monsters constantly seen on the news, back to the all American family dog reputation they once enjoyed. SDR believes that in order to accomplish restoring the pit bull to their former position of reverence and high esteem - it is vital to eliminate all backyard breeding, dog fighting and the inhumane treatment they suffer at the hands of people who believe the stereotypes. Focusing on the positive images there are, and encouraging and supporting all the great canine ambassadors for the breed that are out there, is the best path towards ending the negative stereotypes of these wonderful dogs, once known only for their great loyalty and good will towards men.
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