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Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation
United States
All royalties and referrals received by the Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation's shop will be donated by us to the Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation. We regret that purchases here are not tax deductible, to make such a gift please visit our website. The mission of the Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation is to develop a biodiversity program within Somaliland that will enable the country’s citizens to acquire the education and experience need to study, document, and build understanding about the country’s diversity and its use by local people. Somaliland’s ecosystems include deserts, savannahs, and forests that, because they lie at the junction of the Afromontane and Arabian biodiversity hotspots, are home to species from both these biogeographic regions as well as many species known only from Somaliland. What is known about Somaliland’s biodiversity comes primarily from studies by foreign scientists because there have never been formal programs in Somaliland for developing the knowledge and skill required for studying biodiversity. We aim to change that. About our Logo The Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation's logo design incorporates the Somali Gazelle (Nanger soemmerringii subsp. berbera) with Ficus vasta, one of the seven fig species native to Somaliland. Both species are most abundant in the Horn of Africa, however the Soemmering Gazelle is in severe danger of becoming extinct.
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