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Specially Gifted for Loved Ones
North Carolina, United States
SpecialOddsMoms was designed by a motivational uprising as a special needs parent. Being a special needs parent is rewarding and to promote Autism in the way it should be looked at is one of my goals in life. Before my son became a one-year-old, I knew he was gifted and different in many ways from other children his age. I began to research his differences, at that time, differences in food intolerance, ignorance of name, slight eye contact and little to no babbling. As a new mother, I had the common books on parenting and the stages of what a child should be doing at a specific age. Exclusively finding that while the chapters changed towards new beginnings of what a child should be achieving, my son was not. In other general areas in regards to motor skills, he was on time and earlier than other children at his age, to include walking just short of eleven months. In my initial stages as a new mother, searching to find the underlying factors of what and why he was acting "different" from others became a leading priority. In the last four years, I was blessed with a child that has autism and I do not believe that I would be as confident as I am today with a child that would be normal. I love my child with each growing day and when the times are tough, I find myself to look at my son and smile, knowing that he will talk one day, that he will put his shoes on by himself, brush his hair, his teeth and ultimately be able to say “I love you”. The amount of love that comes with my child and with all special needs parents is overflown by the diagnosis and the difference in today’s society. With all parents who have a child with autism or with any disability, I want all to have the confidence that their child is unique, loved and talented in their own special way. With all love, Madison SpecialOddsMoms Learn more about me and my family blog at: http://specialoddsmoms.weebly.com
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