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Swamp Ape Hat


£13.20 per hat

1 hat.
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Designed for youby The Cryptozoology Shop
White and Green
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About this product
Style: Trucker Hat

Looking to cheer your team, promote your brand, or simply keep the sun out of your eyes? Our custom hats are perfect to meet all your needs. Customise the front with a logo, design or text and create an essential accessory that you will never leave behind!

  • Adjustable from 43.2 cm to 61 cm
  • 100% polyester foam front
  • Wide area to feature your design
  • 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool
  • Available in 11 colour combinations
Recommended for ages 13+
About this design
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Swamp Ape Hat
The Swamp Ape is a hominid cryptid said to inhabit the Southern United States, from places such as North Carolina and Arkansas, although reports from Florida are most common. It is named for its appearance and for the unpleasant odour that is said to accompany it. Reports of the Skunk ape were particularly common in the 1960s and 1970s. In the fall of 1974, numerous sightings were reported in suburban neighbourhoods of Dade County, Florida, of a large, foul-smelling, hairy, ape-like creature, which ran upright on two legs. (Adapted from Wikipedia)
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