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Supporting Art at Taktse Through Art
Beverly, MA
Taktse is a school in the Himalayas ( We have been supported by an amazing group of people around the world. We are always looking for new ways to interconnect our community and support the work at the school. Here is one such endeavor. All the profits from this store will go directly towards supporting the Art Program at Taktse: supplies, visiting artists, online courses for students and teachers, etc. It began, as so many things do, with a confluence of influences: I watched my cousin Rebecca doing "Acro" and did some sketches. She shared a sketch on her FB page and got a bunch of likes. My grandfather, Milt Lauenstein, pointed to the New Yorker sketches, the very small ones interspersed throughout but not connected to the stories (have you noticed them?) and suggested these sketches might fit there (if I could make a series). I realized that I would love the the bugs Rebecca creates and the fantastical animals Zahava creates on a T-shirt or mug (we call them Bug Mugs). And then I googled aroudn to find a service to take care of all the logistics. And what would all of us be motivated to donate our work for: to help us interact with art. And where better than a school that has been a labor of love for many of our family members? Please enjoy the store. Let us know your thoughts and if you know anyone who might be interested in adding their designs to ours to support Art at Taktse.
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