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running life illustrated
Iowa, United States
In 2014, on the cusp of turning 40, I read Haruki Murakami's memoir, "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running." I had read all of his novels, so I was interested in his life. I was not interested in running. Running was a terrible thing I did as a kid in gym class and hoped never to do again. Except, Murakami wrote about how when he wanted to change his life, from bar owner to novelist, he took up running. I wanted to change my life too. Could running help me do that? And Murakami ran a marathon a year; that sounded like something impossible for me. Could I attempt the impossible? I attempted, and I succeeded. Today I'm a runner. A marathon runner. A Boston marathon runner. If I can do that, what other impossible things might I do? Making a living -- a good one -- from my artwork would be impossible. But running and creating, these are the only activities I really love. And so, I am here in this shop, attempting the impossible once again. . . My fellow runners, what you find in this shop are my gifts to you. I ♥ runners. And those of you who support us by traveling with us to races, running along courses to bring us bananas, holding up signs to encourage us, and cycling along side us on training runs, I ♥ you too. Because I know how it is. We are the runners, you are the heroes.
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Cheryl Allen