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Be positive in your dog training, your spirit, and in your heart!
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Positive dog training has definitely changed the way we interact, train, and live with our dogs. We find it easy to be kinder and more patient with our canine partners. But we as trainers and handlers can be very hard on ourselves when working with our dogs. Positivity for us is something we need more of in our journeys with our dogs whether they be our performance partners or our faithful life companions. Our Transcendent Trainer products are here to help us get to a better place in our heads and our hearts about the paths walk with our dogs. Do you need a positive mantra to wear at your next lesson or trial? There are plenty of products out there that poke fun at our weaknesses as trainers and handlers. Isn't about time we celebrate our strengths as a dog and handler team? Be positive in your training and in your heart! Be inspiring and be transcendent!
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