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Saint Charles, IL
What's the reason for having a store filled with a bunch of VBP stuff?? As the Owner/Founder of Values Based Psychiatry, LLC, our mission is to break the silence and encourage others to start conversations and engage in dialogue about mental illness and psychiatry with the hope that each connection might inspire someone, whether it's through shared experiences, providing education, or letting someone know that there is help out there. So, does this mean you'll make a bunch of money if people buy your stuff?? Nope! We do not wish to make any profit from these products. The 5% from royalties which are paid to us with each purchase will go towards applying discounts to our clients who may not have the financial means to pay in full. If the profit from royalties happens to be more than we anticipate, we will donate any remaining funds to a local non-profit mental health organization (we are not a non-profit organization, but we definitely want to support them). Okay, so can anyone just buy something even if they aren't a client or don't even live nearby?? Absolutely. Anyone can purchase from our store, no explanation needed!! And, what if I'm a current client? Is it weird to buy from your store?? Absolutely *not* weird. We personally think it's cool, but of course, we're biased!! One thing we want to mention though is that we recommend if you are a current client or family member/friend of a client, we request that you consider the risks and benefits of purchasing any materials that are affiliated with Values Based Psychiatry since it could result in unanticipated outcomes (possibly negative in some way). Please recognize that we can't list all of the possible risks, so we hope that you consider them fully before making any purchases within our store since your well-being is our top priority! With that said, if you have a positive experience with our products, please share your story with us!!! Thanks!!!
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Sara Torres