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Vote Libertarian Bumper Sticker


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Vote Libertarian Bumper Sticker
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Make your car a reflection of you! Get your point across with this quality bumper sticker that will outlast heavy rain, intense sunlight, and the most severe of traffic jams.

  • 28 X 7.7 cm (11" x 3"); Large enough for any message
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back
  • Printed with water-resistant ink that won't fade or run
  • Please note, stickers are fully printed and are not translucent or clear
  • No minimum order
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Vote Libertarian Bumper Sticker
Libertarian views represent a generalised opposition to most government control of individual behaviour, except for that which involves the use of force or fraud. Libertarians generally believe individuals acting voluntarily alone or with others should decide how to run their lives. Libertarians state that their platform follows from the consistent application of their guiding principle: "mutual respect for rights." The Libertarian political platform is deeply supportive of the concept of individual liberty as a precondition for moral and stable societies. In their "Statement of Principles," they declare: "We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose." To this end, Libertarians want to reduce the size of government (eliminating many of its current functions entirely). Libertarians reject the view of politics as a one-dimensional spectrum, divided between Democrats representing the Left or Centre-left and Republicans representing the Right or Centre-right because nothing is actually measured on the dimension, plus those people favouring liberty or authoritarians are not considered. The Nolan Chart, with the traditional left-right political spectrum, as seen by David Nolan, on the dashed diagonal To illustrate their view that the one-dimensional view of politics is insufficient to describe the myriad political philosophies held by the public, Libertarians introduced the Nolan chart to communicate their belief that politics is at least two-dimensional. A variation of the Nolan chart is enhanced (via a link from the main website) by a ten-question poll (five questions dealing with economic-freedom issues and five questions dealing with personal-freedom issues), which it bills as "The World's Smallest Political Quiz," allowing respondents to classify their political leanings. Among outside political watchers, some consider Libertarians to be conservative (primarily because of their support of the right to bear arms, including mace and pepper spray, their opposition to economic regulation, opposition to welfare programs by the bureaucratic national government in almost all forms, and their views on taxes — with strong support for the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment - and States' rights (nee, powers, per Tenth Amendment), and the original view of the Republic with a non-interventionist foreign policy), while others consider them liberal because of their advocacy of the repeal of drug prohibition, including restrictions on the use of tobacco and alcohol, and the elimination of laws that interfere with private consensual acts (such as prostitution and gambling). Libertarians consider themselves neither conservative nor liberal; rather, they believe they represent a philosophy consistent with the Founding Fathers in a strictly limited Republican government. The party advocates limiting the national government as much as possible within the written confines of the United States Constitution, per Article 1, Section 8, and the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. As in any political party, there is some internal debate about the platform, and not all of the party's supporters advocate its complete or immediate implementation, but most think that the United States would benefit from obeying the written law of the land.
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