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Winged Disk
Punk Rock. Noise. Kitchen Sink.
Long Island, New York, United States
WINGED DISK is a tiny independent label from Long Island, New York, which was breach-birthed by UNDER THE VOLCANO a music fanzine that existed for about sixteen years. Since 1991 we've sporadically helped our favorite local bands get records out. We only work with people we've already been friends with for a very, very long time. Although some of the bands will still press CDs on occasion, these days WINGED DISK is a digital label. Although "punk" in spirit and philosophy, WINGED DISK, as a label, has no one specific "sound." And yes, we realize this makes it tough to categorize what we do for "marketing" purposes, but hey, life's a bitch. The reason WINGED DISK exists is to give some tough-to-pigeonhole bands we really dig a means of expression and some type of support. To further illustrate how diverse WINGED DISK releases can be, we released ASS FOR IT BY NAME by ENDANGERED FECES, which is a seventeen-minute scatological punk rock blast by an act whose guitarist, Jay Levitz, once claimed the band was merely the soundtrack to a toilet paper fight -- the band still hurls 200 rolls at every show. The SOMETHING IN THE WATER: THE SECRET HISTORY OF LONG ISLAND PUNK compilation included rare and out-of-print tracks by bands like DEAD VIRGINS, HORROR PLANET, ISM, JIMI LALUMIA AND THE PSYCHOTIC FROGS, NIHILISTICS and SEA MONSTER. Other releases include albums by SEA MONSTER, CONTROLLED BLEEDING, THE SKELS, SPLINTERFACE, NECROPARTHENOPHAGY and MICHAEL KORB.
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