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Cary, NC
When you trade in the financial markets only two things can happen: you make money or you lose it. Of course, you can break even, but believe me on this, that's a win. So the old saying goes something like "If you win you will be happy, but if you lose, you learn from it and become wise". I distilled this obviously hopeful nugget down to it's essence--Win Happy Lose Wise--painted it on canvas and hung it by my desk. Filled with this constant inspiration, I've grown wiser most every day. But it is a good motto (despite my lack of trading success) for life, love, damn near anything, and shrunk way down, makes a serviceable logo. And so here it is, Win Happy Lose Wise. I have always loved witty sayings, epigrams, aphorisms, adages, mottos, whatever you want to call them. Favorite book all-time: Dictionary of Humorous Quotations, edited by Evan Esar in 1953, purchased by my mother at a garage sale in Dayton, OH sometime in the late Sixties, and worn out by me ever since. A treasure trove of the simple, clean (and somehow) deep utterances that make you nod, smile and think. Phrases instantly familiar and now integral to your view---sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes eloquent, sometimes true. The thoughts you will find here are nothing like that, but they are all mine. Things I have come up with over the years. Many are the titles or lines from the child-like but heart-felt poems I have written. The only book of those poems, courtesy of my wife, sits on my nightstand, and anyone is free to check my veracity over my dead body. Obviously, a phrase like "ask questions" or "wake up" is not an original idea, but, it turns out, it kind of feels like it when you commit it to verse. Anyway, this is it. I hope you find some things here you like.
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Charlie Miller