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Cool Vantage
pop, crass, uber-kitsch, arty
London, United Kingdom
Cool Vantage by Jay Rechsteiner presents: Catholic Vantage which is foremost a pictorial research project that explores the representation of mainly Christian figures, artefacts, buildings, shrines etc. in terms of their perceived (universal) beauty & power within contemporary society. It juxtaposes universal (historical) elements and understanding of beauty with a more modern, contemporary approach.The digitally produced pictures are uber-kitsch, sarcastic and somewhat badly designed mixed media collages (photo, drawing, painting). The image material I am using in this series is primarily the result of my walks around towns and villages. I am not using any material downloaded from the Internet. By weaving different images together I attempt to create stories and allegories in pictorial form. The work in its entirety responds to the dynamics of the current renewed art market and the culture of instant mass-sharing and availability of information and the highly commercial aspect of art. Each collage is a mass-product. Only the very core of the work, i.e. the raw file, is the original work, the mother, the holy grail, the 1s and 0s that contain the essential information of the work and all its duplications. All (commercial and artist) duplicates are reproductions of a doctrine, a visual understanding of the source, the truth. size: 100cm x 100cm to can be printed on various media such as aluminium dibond, perspex or acrylic Original artwork and authorized copies The original artwork of each piece is the print file on a digital storage device (for example a USB stick, an access code to a cloud storage, a HD). The authorized copies fall into two categories: commercial and artist copies. Commercial copies are available from various online stores whereas artist copies are to be ordered with me. The names of the owners of the original artworks and the artist copies are to be registered with me and issued with certificates of authenticity
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